Dean Poshard

Born and raised Los Gatos, California in 1972. Father was an investment banker and prior to that - he was a professional athlete. He was born in El Cerrito, California. Mother was a nurse and professional athlete as well. She grew up in International Falls, Minnesota. Both are still alive and kicking. Growing up with parents that were professional athletes, Dean was given the opportunity to play six professional sports. Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Skateboarding, Skim Boarding, and Cycling. Also, he had participated in several extreme sports. Both sets of grandparents were all in the trades and gave Dean the opportunity to learn all the skills necessary for construction, residential, and commercial. His grandparents on his fathers side built and developed Pleasant Hill, California.

  • Family Oriented
  • Athlete
  • Professional
  • Passion


  • Dean is a father of of twins, aged 17.
  • Both of his children are following their fathers path of sports and academia.
  • Dean's son works for his him in order to learn the business; and has taken a liking to building things just like his father did.
  • Dean's daughter is a personal trainer for children's basketball.
  • Both of his children are very active in the community.

Collegiate Athlete

  • Being a gifted athlete in high school afforded Dean the opportunity to pursue collegiate sports.
  • Dean started playing professional soccer at age 17 while still in high school.
  • Dean was an amateur basketball player in high school which earned him multiple scholarships.
  • Professional soccer and collegiate basketball provided Dean with the chance to travel throughout the United States and Europe.
  • Throughout high school and most of college-Dean was professionally skateboarding and skim boarding in the off season.

Professional Athlete

  • Dean played in the CBA for basketball and the summer pro-league in San Fransico.
  • Dean played soccer for several MLS teams.
  • He also ran track & field for Team Visa.
  • Dean played professional 2-man beach volleyball in the Jose Cuevo circuit.
  • And he skateboarded and skim boarded in contests across the U.S. and Europe.
  • Now, Dean races pro cat-1 on the road, pro cat-1 mountain biking, and pro cat-1 cyclecross.

Professional Career

Born into a family of developers and builders that had built Pleasant Hill, California, Dean was in and around construction his whole life. His unique, hands-on experience helped him create his own construction company in 2003. Later in 2018, he started DGP Innovations and is looking forward to expanding in the years to come.

His years of experience provided Dean with a vast knowledge of the industry. Having worked with every type of client allowed him to learn the best practices that guaranteed client satisfaction. For him, excellent customer service truly is the key to the success of any build.

DGP Innovations

Since 2000 we have been providing our clients personalized services. Whether it’s an install, remodel, or a complete new build, our goal is to attain the dream our client has been looking for.

With a knowledgeable team of well-trained workers, using the best products available, and I am always available to answer any questions and/or concerns.

DGP Innovations has provided all types of services. There is not a job that isn’t in our scope of work.

DGP Innovations not only wants to bring added value to your property but also the great quality of life that you have worked so hard to achieve.

Construction References

  • Howard Thevenin: 831-212-6012 Santa Cruz
  • Lisa Ann Lichaa: 408-314-9480 Los Gatos
  • Barbara Lentz: 408-506-1283 San Jose

Character References

  • Perry Johnson: 650-704-7001 Stockton
  • Matthew Talbott: 408-905-9816 Los Gatos
  • Drew Landers: 415-271-8005 Fairfax